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Case Study

Vanderbilt came to us looking for a total overhaul on their website, Edge For Scholars. New UI, new UX and new backend that was more powerful in functionality yet simple to navigate. So, we cleared our calendar and launched into a four month stint of meetings, brainstorming, designing, developing and collaborating.

Edgeforscholars.org is not just a website for Vanderbilt. It’s actually national network of discussion boards that Vanderbilt hosts for themselves as well as some of Americas most famous and finest institutions and universities where students, faculty and employees can all voice their opinions, advice, facts and overall knowledge about their experience at their particular institution.

You can follow any participating institution and read what people at Stanford or Harvard are saying or post your own thoughts and information about your institution and experiences.

Need advice on writing a grant? Complaining about a professor? Want to post anonymously? Edge for Scholars is your oasis.

Their tagline says it best: “Candid Commentary. Gritty Truths. Sharpen Your Academic Edge.”