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We're a boutique web design company specializing in websites, mobile sites, ecommerce sites
and WordPress security, backups & tech support.

Website Design Website Design

We build websites for individuals, businesses, the occasional rock star and hopefully you too. Contact us today and let’s talk about your project…

Mobile Site Design Mobile Site Design

All of our websites are responsive (mobile compatible). They will automatically resize to fit the screens of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

eCommerce Website eCommerce Website

Selling something? We’ll build you an online store with a fully integrated shopping cart and payment system that deposits your profits right into your bank account.

Cornell Care

WordPress security, backups and tech support.

24/7 Security

We implement literally dozens of security features, which stop hackers from destroying your website including: limiting login attempts, hiding the login page from bots and hiding the website files and database so hackers can’t find them.


If your website crashes we can restore it within minutes from the backups we make. Without backups your site will be lost and you’d have to pay again to have it rebuilt.

WordPress Version Upgrades

WordPress MUST be upgraded to its latest version every time a new version is released or it simply won’t function properly and will be susceptible to hackers and security breaches. We perform these upgrades as the new WordPress versions are released.

Mobile Device & Browser Testing

Your website constantly needs to be tested on all major browsers and mobile devices. We test it all and fix whatever isn’t working.

Phone Support

Yep, you can get us on the phone all week long and on weekends for emergencies.


Daily Monitoring

We monitor your website daily so it’s always secure and backed up.

Think we’d be a good fit for your project? Contact us and let’s have a chat. Click that big, blue button down there and send us a message, we’ll get right back to you…

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